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Birthdate:Nov 28
Location:Louisiana, United States of America
Don't be shy! Feel free to message me about anything!

!!! If you subscribe to my page, always read my Notifications! I have a notifications tag to where you can find and view them all! A lot of times it is for a fun effect, but it is also updates on what I am currently planning for the journal! It is just an easy way for other people to know how to respect my page and keep it spam free! I have a tumblr and if you have any questions you might want to ask me, you can go ahead and ask me there, (I have enabled the question tab) just be sure to do that for me, ok? In the event that my inbox gets cluttered, because I am a chatterbox, don't send me any messages that aren't the suggestions that you will read below or requests to read certain types of fics like draco/harry sirius/severus remus/sirius etc... Thank you for reading! !!!

I write stories of many genres, like love, adventure, romance, comedy, and suspense. Also fanfics of a very wide variety (the list is below). Message me of what you like, and I will grant you access to those types of stories. (Do keep in mind that my selection is currently slim as at this moment my journal is fairly new.)

alt account: midnight_owl, for practices in journal template styles and possibly crocheting tips but that will be much later. Never go to midnight_owl for stories, stories will be done in this account!

If you want more on the "faces" i use in my stories, here's a list of all my favorite actors (a.k.a., usually the ones i think act awesomely, are hot, handsome, or really cute and adorable, or all of the above):
1. Christian Bale (hot, handsome, sexy)
2. Tom Hiddleston (cute and charming)
3. Toby Regbo (cute)
4. Nicholas Hoult (handsome and cute)
5. Jude Law (hot and handsome)
6. Chris Evans (sexy)
7. Taylor Kitsch (<3)
8. Robert Downey Jr. (for good measure ;D)
9. Chris Hemsworth (<3)
10. William Moseley (friggin hot)
11. Ben Barnes (friggin good-looking)
12. Gerard Butler (because he's so freakin shmexy!)
13. Anton Yelchin (adorable!)
14. Elijah Wood (love love love)
15. Jake Gyllenhaal (<3)
16. Zachary Quinto (didn't see much with him but I like him! ;D)
17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (<3)
18. Cillian Murphy (<3)
19. Jamie Campbell Bower (I have to be in the mood for him ... :( and that rarely happens)
20. Rupert Graves (younger ;D)
21. Logan Lerman (because he's so gosh-darn cute!)
22. Orlando Bloom (been a while, but <3)
23. Jakub Gierszal (because he is hot, and must get famous here!!! T-T <3 <3 <3)
24. Tom Hardy (freaking handsome and sexy! luv luv luv! XD)
25. Benedict Cumberbatch (awesome voice <3 ;) and can be handsome ;D)
26. Bradley Cooper (omg luv luv luv)
27. Ryan Reynolds (super adorable)

I also have a proposition: I have absolutely no problem posting my original stories onto this account for random people to read. If I don't want an idea stolen, i simply don't post it. I take suggestions if there is anyone out there who will give it. You can come up with any pairing if you like - even nitpick from the list above. Suggestions are nearly unlimited, so long as they aren't too outlandish. The farthest I'll go for my stories are illnesses like tuberculosis, I can look up certain cancers as well such as leukemia if you like those type of stories (although I rarely write them). I have many stories pondering already, but most of which are lost because my last computer - the one they were written in - broke. I guess I can further explain myself about the suggestions, suppose you want to read a fanfic with two certain people but can't find one, you can tell me by writing a message, saying something like "Can you write a story with (blah) and (blah), please", and if you have a certain itch, like say "Make it stressful/make it happy/make it sad/make it historical/make it fantastic (this is code for fantasy-ish, a.k.a. magical or unrealistic yet appearing realistic, I didn't mean 'awesome' lol)" and I will come up with something for you. If you are okay with bad words, bad words will be present to the extent you can bear, if you are uncomfortable with bad words, then bad words will be left out. For a brief summary of the pairings I like and use, and also a few I came up with myself are, according to the numbered list i wrote: 5-8, 10-11, 12-24, 1-18, 1-17, 2-13, 3-19, 3-4, 21-23. (But don't worry, I'm not limiting it to just those, ok? :D)
Note: read the dash (-) as "and", not "through" lol
I also do fanfics, but take from my interests, as i can't guarantee that I will know what you're talking about. I can also do Doctor Who ;D (all i've seen was all of the first season with #9 - Christopher Eccleston, and season 2 with #10 David Tennant. (One limit: I don't do Sherlock Holmes fanfiction, sorry. I'm also not so sure about doing some batman fanfiction, it seems a bit out of my reach, sadly.)

And if you don't like those kind of stories, I can also write normal ones. There is a short list of actresses that don't annoy me or don't annoy me anymore: Keira Knightley, Katie Holmes, Emily Blunt, Emma Watson, Marion Cotillard, and perhaps a few more that I can't think of.

Last thing: i like happy endings. That's just the way i am. I don't like sad endings where a main character or any character that i build up dies. I can make it to where someone gets hurt, but i always let them live, to where things get fixed in or towards the end. The farthest i can go with that is probably physical crippling. I DON'T DO MENTAL STORIES. Sorry, not my thing. Although i can make a crazy bad guy pretty good ;) like dr. crane :D before he splashed himself with his freak-gas. :D

PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME If you want to use an idea you got from one of my stories, ask me and I will let you, and you will give me the credit for it in your "disclaimers" if you ever post it. If you use one of my ideas without asking me, I will disable your access to my journal, and publicly explain why. All you got to do is ask me and give me the credit I deserve. It's simple, no effort needed to do this. ;D

Fandoms include:
> Harry Potter - Sirius/Severus, Remus/Sirius, Draco/Harry, can do Severus/Regulus, + suggestions. I don't do teacher/student!
> Lord of the Rings - Aragorn/Legolas, Frodo/Sam, Haldir/Aragorn, Boromir/Aragorn, Eomer/Aragorn, Eomer/Legolas
> Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack, Sephiroth/Genesis, Genesis/Zack + suggestions. (Other favorite characters: Kunsel, Rufus, )
> Final Fantasy VII (Advent Children) - Sephiroth/Cloud, Vincent/Cloud, Sephiroth/Vincent, + suggestions
> Final Fantasy VIII - Squall/Seifer
> Final Fantasy XII - Vayne/Vaan; Revenant Wings - Llyud/Vaan

Am willing to do Gundam Wing fanfiction, Kingdom Hearts (II) fanfiction, and DNAngel Fanfiction; fandoms include:
> Gundam Wing - Duo/Heero, Trowa/Quatre, Wufei/Trowa, Heero/Trowa, Treize/Zechs
> Kingdom Hearts II - Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas, Seifer/Roxas, (Squall/Cloud), + suggestions
> DNAngel - Krad/Dark

Ok, I don't know why it does this, but my username is Moonlit Owl, I typed that in but it keeps adding the plus sign Moonlit+Owl, so the link doesn't quite work. Sorry about that, but there's no plus sign, it's a space.
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