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Please take the time to read my profile! It explains how I'm running my journal! If you have any questions, you can ask me in reply to these notifications, or ask me on my tumblr, the link to it is in my profile.

Let me stress again for you to read over my profile, as it lists some of the actors I occasionally use in my stories, and write fanfics about, also for my interests, what I am willing to write fanfics for. The reason I am doing this is because I have many filters for various reasons, organized specially for those who subscribe to me. For example, if you like only H-D fics, but really don't like Sirius/Severus fics, then I will give you access to my filter for H-D, or suppose you are just not comfortable reading certain types of stories, like those that are for the mature audience, then I could make it so that you won't run into them. It's simply a way to where my journal isn't cluttered for you. That way, you can always find what you want from me.
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If you want a quick way to see if I updated anything specific, or lost track of all my notifications that I demand for them to be followed, turn to the tags, I made them very simple and I won't be making an over-abundance of them. My "fairholme road" tag will just be for the chapter updates for that story, and my "notifications" tag will be for all notifications including this one!

Thank you for reading, and merry Christmas!
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Ok, so in order to catch the effect I occasionally try to make, if a cut appears but there's writing already visible, READ THE WRITING BEFORE CLICKING!!

That's just for a fun effect. Thanks for reading, and have a merry Christmas!
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I don't like to post incomplete entries! So expect long pauses between posts for stories!

But in the event that I do post an incomplete entry, the note will be in the title! When it is completed, the "Incomplete" note will be erased!

Thank you for reading! Good day!

And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!!


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